18th June 2022

Why is it so easy to believe in the abilities of others but find it difficult to believe in ourselves? Lack of confidence in who we are can leave us at a standstill and unable to produce art that is meaningful not only to ourselves but also to others. So many people try to aim for perfection and though it is good to aim high it can also limit us in our belief that we can try to do something. I have spent years comparing myself to others and I have always come out wanting. Wanting to be a better, more successful and thinner version of myself. I do believe that when we measure ourselves against others we stop seeing ourselves.

When something good happens to us in our career we can be left feeling like a fraud. We ask ourselves if we were really deserving and then wonder if we will be found out. When I myself remember to find the joy in what I am doing then all fear gets left behind. Why is this? I believe that this is partly because in those moments the only thing that I am focussing on is the present moment.

Ultimately, we have to believe in ourselves because nobody else can do that for us. However, it helps enormously when we surround ourselves with people who are not quick to judge us when we make mistakes. People who are our cheerleaders on days that are not going well.